Day Three Hundred Sixty

So...there are only five days left on this blog...
I don't know what this is supposed to feel like, really...I guess it just feels...like this.

I don't think I'll do another year. But I do feel like I've come along a bit since the start. Maybe lost some enthusiasm...but, through a toooonnnn of practice, have maybe gotten a little bit better?

Who knows. 
I guess all I can do now is keep going.

 lat-er-al adj. Relating to or of the side. n. In football, an underhand pass thrown sideways or away from the line of scrimmage.

I got this image of the way hair floats in the water as you dip your head down below the bath water...
I've come to really love that peace 
that comes with noise being slightly dampened by the water in your ears. 



Day Three Hundred Fifty Nine

Talking on speaker.
Eating oranges. 
It is winter for real now, and I've found a perfect wool Norwegian sweater. 
Day two of wearing it. 
jump-er n. One who or that which jumps; a sleeveless dress, usually worn over a blouse. Electr. A short wire used to bypass or join part of a circuit.

I kind of like it.
I wish we had some rain.


Day Three Hundred Fifty Eight

par-a-noid adj. To be marked by paranoia.

After quite the absence (although I HAVE kept drawing each day), I'm back and trying to get all of these uploaded on here. 
 Bear with me, as they will probably be messy, and stay that way. 
How perfectly fitting. 

Day Three Hundred Fifty Seven

puff n. A brief discharge of air or smoke. v. To breathe in short heavy breaths.

Day Three Hundred Fifty Six

plank n. A broad piece of wood; one of the issues or principles of a political platform.

Day Three Hundred Fifty Five

 rac-y adj. Having a spirited or strongly marked quality; slightly improper or immodest.


Day Three Hundred Fifty Four

Sitting here staring at the remnants of a piece of cake that I probably really should not have piled on top of that dinner...and that dessert. 
I know that I really shouldn't feel this dog tired at 10:43...
but I think the combination of turkey and this BizBaz deal is getting to me. 
Oh, well. 
Tomorrow will hopefully go fairly smoothly. 
Any chance to dress up is worth it. 
Kind of.

Let's see...on to some art...
smile n. A grin; a facial expression in which the corners of the mouth turn upward, indicating pleasure. 

Today's piece has nothing, really, to do with Thanksgiving (not that it would necessarily). 
I just, being me, decided that a plain ol' nice smile was just too awful and boring to be worth illustrating. 



Day Three Hundred Fifty Three

I can't quite remember the last time I was this tired. 
Hoping the weekend passes quickly and without too much chaos. 

rift n. A fault; disagreement; a lack of harmony; a shallow place in a stream.

What a great word.
I kind of figured I'd try and interpret it both literally and figuratively in an illustration. 

The idea of a rift is sort of terrifying and awful in general.
But it got me to draw a hand that I don't entirely hate. 
So I guess that's something.


Day Three Hundred Fifty Two

I have almost no days left on this thing. 
It's kind of shocking. 
Kind of sad.
Kind of relieving. 
Sitting here looking out of the window at the sky. 
It looks as though it could snow any minute, but it's too warm and it won't. 
Watching second or third French movie of the day-I'm trying to immerse myself but I can't figure out how to turn off the subtitles...so mostly I'm just doing a  lot of reading.

pa-ja-mas pl. n. A loose fitting garment for sleeping, consisting of a jacket and pants.




Day Three Hundred Fifty One

Well, the wifi crashed out on me today, and I didn't end up having the chance to do much schoolwork (damn....disappointing)

I liked today's word...because it was pretty much all I could handle.

kef n. A tranquil and dreamy state; a narcotic.

I think I'll crawl into bed now and get a good 10-14 hours. 


Day Three Hundred Fifty

Everything is catching up to me and I feel kind of like I'm drowning.I'm thinking that an art fair right before Thanksgiving isn't maybe my best plan...especially when I refuse to prepare until 10 days before it.

o-ce-an-ic adj. Pertaining to, occurring in the ocean.

I'm not sure what it is about winter, or being stressed...or just being kind of dreamy...but I've been having this awful gnawing urge to get out of here and go somewhere. Unfortunately, being a photographer, I have a huge wealth of images of the places I've been and can return to those memories at any point. A few days ago, I ended up getting lost in a folder of negative scans, and found the following photograph of a town we stayed in in France. 
I've been staring at it since I found it, and I figured it went well with today's word.


 Anyway, I didn't really want to illustrate this scene. 
I'd come across another ocean view recently that I wanted to sort of pick up and make my own.

 Kind of similar...kind of different...I just want to be here, walking. 



Day Three Hundred Forty Eight

Soon to come when I am not insane.

 rest n. A cessation of all work, activity or motion. Mus. An interval of silence equal in time to a note of same value.

Day Three Hundred Forty Nine

Soon to come when I am not INSANE.


Day Three Hundred Forty Seven

Well, today was fairly nice I guess.
Spent a bit of it outside shooting.
Still working up the courage to photograph people on the street. 
My shooting-from-the-hip technique has only resulted in blurry pictures of things I was not aiming at. 
pare v. To cut away or remove the outer surface gradually.

Nothing new, really. 
I just liked the idea of getting another chance to use the dripping line effect. 
Also, I cannot concentrate on much of anything.



Day Three Hundred Forty Six

It's only Wednesday, and I feel as though this week has lasted for years. Yet, at the same time, I need another eight or nine days to get what I need accomplished. 
Ah, well. 
Time will be scrounged from somewhere. 

I think I am distracted.
But all I want is to be distracted.

 cage n. A box-like structure enclosed with bars or grating for the confinement of animals.



Day Three Hundred Forty Five

So wonderful. 
I battled it out with today's word...and it just refused to cooperate. 
con-cave adj. Hollowed and curved inward.

I immediately thought of people.
The way the light plays off skin in so many different shades of color; light and darkness blending delicately and almost imperceptibly. 

I think that I could spend years trying to properly shade a person and still end up with something the eye may only accept as a vague interpretation of the form. 

Maybe that's why I enjoy photography so much; I know what I want to see, and can capture it without losing the fascination and wonder due to the need to analyze and painstakingly re-create every small detail.

Or maybe I just need to get better at drawing?



Day Three Hundred Forty Four

Well...today's word was good. 

 bury v. To hide by covering with earth; to inter a body at a funeral service.



Day Three Hundred Forty Three

Sunday, sunday. 
The house is in shreds-something to do with moving a dresser into the brother's room. 
Hid out for the evening reading textbooks and straightening up my hermit cave before another week of work. But, then, I was drawn out by the promise of zombies and am now settled on the floor by the coffee table. Arms are going numb as the table is too high for them to rest on the keyboard correctly. 
I feel as though I may be short.

box n. A small container or chest, usually with a lid; a special area in a theater that holds a small group of people; a shrub or evergreen with leaves and hard wood that is yellow in color. v. To fight with the fists. 

I couldn't quite think of what to do with this, 
so I drew a box and went from there. 

I really have no idea.



Day Three Hundred Forty Two

Post from last night:

gir-dle n. A cord or belt worn around the waist; a supporting undergarment worn by women to give support and to shape. 



Day Three Hundred Forty One

Shooting off a quick post before the evenings festivities...
moon n. The earth's only natural satellite; a natural satellite which revolves around a planet.



Day Three Hundred Forty

Well, with an extra 30 minutes before work today, I threw on the B-side of Led Zeppelin II and pulled out an old painting that I hadn't touched in months. 
Kind of tried to patch it up a bit after a Jackson Pollock-inspired disaster. 

Who knows. It still needs work, that's for sure. 
lights pl. n. The lungs, especially of a slaughtered animal.

I had to read this definition two or three times...
proceeded to make a face at my dictionary...and then run for a pen.
Please don't judge the seriously messed up ribs here....
 I can feel you judging them. 
Just shut up.



Day Three Hundred Thirty Nine

Got a ukulele today. 
It's pretty sweet.
And my favorite color.
Which is always even sweeter.
Today's word went with the weather as of late. Although...I guess not today's weather.

 va-por n. Moisture or smoke suspended in air, as mist or fog. 



Day Three Hundred Thirty Eight

Oh, today. 
Another day of gorgeous, slow rain. 
Delicate almost to the point of being mist. 
I wish I had some kind of rig ready for shooting in the dampness-I would have spent much more time out in it then I did. 
Ah, well. 
Today's word doesn't go with anything at all...
so maybe it fits.
in-fer-no n. A place or condition suggestive of hell.

This sent me dashing down to the studio in search of a box of pastels.
I ended up staying down here, and am writing this atop the studio table from under a crushed green fedora. 

It was not my intent, initially, to include any sort of character in this. 
The original idea was simply a sort of large bonfire, rising to the sky in a cloud of smoke and ash. 
Alas, the pastels had different plants for me, and I ended up having to include this little...thing...so as not to be publishing what amounted to a red piece of linen paper. 

Who knows.


Day Three Hundred Thirty Six

Birthday, birthday. 
It was a pretty great day today. 
It rained for most of the day; the sky was one solid comforting shade of gray. 
No sarcasm...I can't get enough rain/fog/dreary weather.

mess n., A disorderly or confused heap; a jumble; a dish or portion of soft or liquid food; a meal eaten by a group of persons, usually in the military.

This went pretty well with me lately...
and the day...