Day Three Hundred Sixty Five

In true Ink Drop fashion, 
the three hundred sixty fifth and final post is going up a day late.

We had a long night last night, and I didn't want to post some short tidbit in my half-asleep state, so I decided to wait until morning to do this. 
Then, morning got to me and I put it off until the afternoon. 

What was a Father-Daughter night out to see Florence + The Machine at the Midland turned into date night at the last moment, when my father graciously gave up his ticket. 

Called the boyfriend, and we frantically got dressed up and jumped in the car.

 Trying not to drop dead from the cold.

Almost too dark to get a decent picture, but not quite.

The Midland was beautiful..
The show was fantastic. 
Props to Cowboy Indian Bear especially.

Okay...rewinding to earlier in the day...

The plumbers were ripping apart an entire wall in the bathroom (right next to my bedroom), and I could only stand the noise through the first 3 cups of coffee, and then had to venture out into the cold for a more hospitable place to work. 
I decided on Henry's, and walked in just as the skinny hipster behind the bar was starting the first track of Bad As Me. 

Breathing a sigh of relief, I ordered a hot drink and got down to work. 
 I'm in the process of decorating the next issue of Mojo Hand, and did quite a bit of illustration on that. 

A design I came up with in the last issue,
and The Laughing Heart (Bukowski) opposite. 


  Some more abstract background designs.

After I finished these, I decided that Henry's would be the perfect place for the final post.

I pulled out the half of the dictionary I still have left, and found a word.

robe n. A long loose garment usually worn over night clothes; a long flowing garment worn on ceremonial occasion.

It's not spectacular,
or my favorite...
It's really just another day.
Well..for the three hundred sixty fifth and final time...


Day Three Hundred Sixty Four

Today was rather lazy. 
Managed to get some writing done, but we'll see if it goes anywhere.
sought v. Past tense of seek.

I guess it fit in nicely with the idea of finishing this up...moving on to other projects.


Day Three Hundred Sixty Three

Nearing the end, here. 
This is Saturday's post.
sane adj. Having a healthy, sound mind; showing good judgment.



Day Three Hundred Sixty Two

It's raining kind of an icy rain outside. 
It's cold but not too cold, and I'm hoping for snow. 
Even just a bit. 
It doesn't even have to stick, really.

pueb-lo n. A type of village of grouped houses and can be found in New Mexico, used by the Pueblo Indians of North America.

Well, this almost seems like cheating after the conversations we've been having this past week.
Talking about escaping for a while.
Going home...

I pulled out a box of my favorite pastels 

and decided to try and convey a little piece of the pueblo.

It's almost torture...even to think about getting to be there. 



Day Three Hundred Sixty One

It's finally really super winter.
And I can't get over it.
I just want it to snow already, so I can get out to shoot.

Today was pretty nice, although it seemed to be incredibly busy. 
Got the show hung at Henry's (it seems like that month at Prima went by way too quickly.)

 Well, you know.

lit-er-a-ti pl., n. The educated class.

Not only was today's word found for me...
but it was painstakingly underlined with the top of a sticky note. 
There was no backing down.
No escape.
No cheating.