Day Three Hundred Twenty Nine

Figured I'd get this post outa the way while I still have some down time. 

Luckily, I got a pretty damn good word for the occasion. 

seep v. To leak or pass through slowly.

So,so,so,so perfect!

Ah, LOVE Halloween. 
Even if it's usually a disappointment. 
 Have fun tonight, everyone.



Day Three Hundred Twenty Eight

Pretty good Sunday. 
Spent the better part of the day in an old stone cottage in the middle of the prairie. 
Stuck inside at the table..reading an AP US History textbook...and then a Western Civ. textbook...and then...(yeah, I really don't want to hear this either...)
Anyway, gorgeous day. 
Ridiculously tired, but that's nothing new.
hip n. The part of the human body that projects outward below the waist and thigh; the hip joint.

I decided to illustrate a rather hippy hipster. 
Because that seems to be the particular brand of hipster Lawrence has most of.
Not that anyone's complaining. 


Day Three Hundred Twenty Seven

post from yesterday.
on graph paper.
not all that great. 
too tired to care.

re-treat n. The act of withdrawing from danger; a time of study; prayer and meditation in a quiet; isolated location.



Day Three Hundred Twenty Six

Late afternoon...that's the worst time of day-there's not enough time left to really start anything...
but too much time left for me to lay back and waste it. 
Well, except for today.
Because, after an entire long, stressful, ridiculous day (framed an entire show after a slew of tests) I'll be up late finally getting to shoot a bit. 
I'll save that for tomorrow's post, though. 

fa-cade n., Arch. The face or front of a building; an artificial or false appearance.

Kinda went with Halloween. 
Kind of went with...life. 

Yeah, I dunno. 
The hand worked out, though. 


Day Three Hundred Twenty Five

Well, Mojo Hand II is all printed. 
At the moment, it's just a giant, giant stack of paper...

But soon, when I find a moment to start folding the 40 wonderful pages..
It'll be ready to read!

Seems like just yesterday I was prepping the Mojo Hand I master copy. 
Time is going by so quickly these days. 
I think I'm too young to feel like the days end before they get a chance to begin..but here we are.


gaze v. To look steadily or intently at something in admiration or wonder; to stare. 

I kind of wanted a break from drawing characters, so I decided to do something a little closer-up.

 Well, I like the eye. 
The nose isn't quite doing it for me.




Day Three Hundred Twenty Four

Today was a pretty good day.
Got quite a little printing done. 
Another human being ventured into the studio *gasp*. 
Took some Instagram photos of the days work. 

Let's see..other news. 
Show goes up on the first...so that's coming up way too fast. 
Hope to have everything framed and ready to go by the end of this week (haha...yeah..)
Today's word...


exclamation point n. A punctuation mark (!) used after an interjection or exclamation.

I figured I had little choice.
I mean, what do you do with "exclamation mark" other than...



Day Three Hundred Twenty Three

Slaved away today. 
I spent this day working on a ton of school stuff, but I'm taking the day off tomorrow.
Printing time!

foot n., pl, feet The lower extremity of the vertebrate leg upon which one stands; a unit of measurement equal to 12 inches; a basic unit of verse meter that consists of a group of syllables; the end lower or opposite the head; the lowest part. v. To go on foot; to walk or run. Slang To pay the bill. on foot Walking rather than riding.  

Well, I don't really like feet. 
But I like socks. And stockings. 



Day Three Hundred Twenty Two

Home, home, home. 
Had a lovely few days with the grandparents. 
It's such bliss-to cut yourself out of the world for a little while and re-learn what it is to stomp through tall grass, spend all day with your nose in a book or run through the rain with bare feet.
It always ends too soon, though, which is part of what makes us treasure it so much.

car-ni-val n. A traveling amusement show with side shows, a Ferris wheel, and merry-go-rounds; any kind of happy celebration.

While driving through Tulsa on a photography trip, we spotted a carnival through the trees. It was too far away to get to, though, and I was left with the memory of the bright colored lights against the sky as the sun went down. I liked this simpler version of the loud, muddy chaos that is a carnival.

Eh, it's okay. 
I think it's time to crawl into bed with a cup of tea and a bowl of Chinese takeout. 



Day Three Hundred Twenty One

Lazy Sunday. 
Watched Henry play the guitar...

Made gorgeous banana splits...

up-root v. To capsize; to turn over; to throw into confusion or disorder; to overcome; to beat unexpectedly. adj. Capsized; overturned; distressed; troubled.  

Yeah, I guess that would sum it up. 

Hoping to get home and figure everything out. 
 We'll see, right?



Day Three Hundred Twenty

We had a gorgeous storm here last night. 
Ran across the yard in the rain and lightning. 
It was thrilling; the energy of it all and the freezing drops plummeting down in the dark. 
Couldn't post cause of the power outages, so here's yesterday's post..late.

sil-hou-ette n. The outline of something, as a human profile, filled in with a solid color, as black; the outline of an object.

I liked that they used a seahorse for this. 

Anyway, my lack of desire to think and the lightning illuminating the trees outside the window led to the following illustration.




Day Three Hundred Nineteen

Sitting here (trying not to be) watching 3:10 to Yuma. 
Serious case of the hiccups. 
The kind that make you jump a little, 
and make it hard to type. 
 At least I got my post drawn before they came in full force.

plug n. Anything used to stop or close a hole or drain. Electr. A two-pronged device attached to a cord and used in a jack or socket to make an electrical connection. Slang To advertise favorably; to give a recommendation or a piece of publicity for someone. 

I went the piercing route on this one. Ears, though, are difficult enough to draw without taking into account the way they stretch around larger-gauge jewelry.
Thank god for hipster hair to cover up a lack of skill...

Actually kind of dig this one.



Day Three Hundred Eighteen

So tired. 

spray n. A liquid dispersed in a fine mist or droplets. 

I was quite taken with the shading style on this old Reefer Madness poster I've got down in the studio, and wanted to try it out. 


Day Three Hundred Seventeen

Drew this early yesterday evening, but didn't have time between packing and schoolwork to actually get it posted. So, here we go. 

full--moon n. A phase of the moon where the visible side of the disk is able to be viewed. 

Well, it's alright. 



Day Three Hundred Sixteen

It's almost difficult to believe that I've done this three hundred fifteen times before. 
 Spoke to my lovely cousin this evening. I don't think we can value it enough-having people in our lives that will always be there to love us, to talk to us, and...most importantly...to call us on our shit. 

I worked in the studio a little today. I'm preparing to leave it for a good solid 5 days..and am already missing it. Even just sitting down there makes the day so much more worth it. 
Worked on the zine a bit. 

dish n. A concave vessel on which food is served; the amount a dish holds; the food served in a dish; a particularly prepared food; fashion; a directional microwave antenna having a concave reflector. Slang Something that is favored; an attractive woman. v. To make sarcastic cutting remarks; to put food into a dish.

Well, then. 
Unable to think of anything but the serious desire get this post done and jump into a hot bath and read....

Not really liking this as much. 
Oh well.


Day Three Hundred Fifteen

Froze my butt off today. 
Admittedly, I should have closed my windows and maybe not relied on coffee to stay warm-by two this afternoon I was literally hopping around the empty house in search of more sweaters and thicker socks.
I did, however, get quite a bit done. 

Worked a bit to put the finishing touches on the zine.

Events page (prior to the gluing of the events). 

match n. Anything that is similar or identical to another; a short, thin piece of wood or cardboard with a specially treated tip which ignites as a result of friction . v. To equal; to oppose successfully.



Day Three Hundred Fourteen

Enjoying some chicken noodle soup before heading out to another show. Somehow I feel like I won't be getting much work done tomorrow...
Oh well.

Today's word made me think of a wanderer. 
Having spent a considerable amount of time admiring the graphite sketches in the Edith Piaf album I recently bought, I decided to try a little pastel blending.


Day Three Hundred Thirteen

For the three hundred thirteenth day of this blog, I ran out the door without posting. 
Freshly made artwork sitting on my desk, I hadn't the time to upload it. 
So, here we are. 
8:42 a.m...after approximately six hours of sleep...
Literally gulping yesterday morning's coffee from a mug on the floor beside my computer...

good goddam morning.

so, last night...

It was pretty sweet. As always, the Bottleneck was grungy and shady and such...
But the show was good, the people were pretty good, and Henry (kind of) enjoyed himself.  

daub v. To coat or smear with grease, plaster, or an adhesive substance.

This reminded me of the scene in Edward Scissorhands, where they try to cover his scars with Avon makeup, and he ends up purple. I decided, though, to take that inspiration and twist it back to something a little more usual. 

I forget the effect "blush" has on an illustration. 



Day Three Hundred Twelve

Good day. 
Felt like a Saturday. 
But it was a Friday. 
So, that means I get Saturday tomorrow.
Good weekend.

 soft adj.  Not stiff or hard; not glaring or harsh; mild or pleasant; gentle in sound.




Day Three Hundred Eleven

Pretty good day today. 
The weather...THE WEATHER! 
Although I didn't step outside until almost two in the afternoon (on the way from the house to the car), I had to stop and take a deep breath of this perfect fall air. 
I spent the greater part of my morning in the print studio. After cleaning it yesterday, I felt it needed to be 'broken in' again.  Did the first three layers of a new print. 

The text is a bit of writing from my early (angry) teenage years.
It looks better as part of a whole.
I'm antiquing the paper tomorrow to blend the layers into the background a bit, 
and then will print the character in a deep black. 

Now, enough about that.
It's time for (different) art.

in-fi-nite adj. Without boundaries; limitless; immeasurably great or large; in mathematics, greater in value than any specified number, however large; having measure that is infinite.

Today's word was brilliant.
It has always both scared and fascinated me. 

Always have to tape this paper down-it comes on a roll and refuses to stay flat. 
I'm happy to be getting back into the pastel work.
I love  the blending ability...it's so far from my inked, hard-lined illustrations.