Day Three Hundred Sixty Five

In true Ink Drop fashion, 
the three hundred sixty fifth and final post is going up a day late.

We had a long night last night, and I didn't want to post some short tidbit in my half-asleep state, so I decided to wait until morning to do this. 
Then, morning got to me and I put it off until the afternoon. 

What was a Father-Daughter night out to see Florence + The Machine at the Midland turned into date night at the last moment, when my father graciously gave up his ticket. 

Called the boyfriend, and we frantically got dressed up and jumped in the car.

 Trying not to drop dead from the cold.

Almost too dark to get a decent picture, but not quite.

The Midland was beautiful..
The show was fantastic. 
Props to Cowboy Indian Bear especially.

Okay...rewinding to earlier in the day...

The plumbers were ripping apart an entire wall in the bathroom (right next to my bedroom), and I could only stand the noise through the first 3 cups of coffee, and then had to venture out into the cold for a more hospitable place to work. 
I decided on Henry's, and walked in just as the skinny hipster behind the bar was starting the first track of Bad As Me. 

Breathing a sigh of relief, I ordered a hot drink and got down to work. 
 I'm in the process of decorating the next issue of Mojo Hand, and did quite a bit of illustration on that. 

A design I came up with in the last issue,
and The Laughing Heart (Bukowski) opposite. 


  Some more abstract background designs.

After I finished these, I decided that Henry's would be the perfect place for the final post.

I pulled out the half of the dictionary I still have left, and found a word.

robe n. A long loose garment usually worn over night clothes; a long flowing garment worn on ceremonial occasion.

It's not spectacular,
or my favorite...
It's really just another day.
Well..for the three hundred sixty fifth and final time...


  1. :( Sad it's over, your work is beautiful.

  2. Aw, what a way to end it! Looks lovely.

  3. AWESOME!!!!

    You have inspired me, made me cry, made me laugh, made me think...

    Thank you so much for your 365 days of art - truly wonderful.

    Who will write me to sleep now? Sigh. I'm gonna miss your thoughts and ruminations and checking in to see what you have in store for us every evening.

    I have so much respect for your insight, for your talents... I can't wait to see what you do next!